Isolate one person from group photo

1923 Photo

The original was a 12" x 21" photo dating back to 1923. The customer wanted one person isolated from the group and was hoping for an 8" x 10" color photo. The photo was stuck to the picture glass. Using several high resolution scans in various directions, I managed to recreate a semblance of his facial features which I placed in a period frame.  My client was very happy with the results.

Restore facial features and adjust colors

1975 Photo

The original photo was stuck to the glass and had liquid stains across the face. Client had another picture of her mom (pictured) that gave me an idea what her face would look like.
After 4 sets of proofs, my client was very happy with the final result and presented her mom with the restored 8" x 10" picture for Mother's Day.

Restore color in a 1979 faded photo

1979 Color

The object of this project was to apply more natural color to a faded picture, and to remove some blemishes on the photo.  The client explained what the colors were supposed to be, and was very excited about the end result.