In order to reproduce a restored and digital version of your old photos, we scan photos and manipulate them in a variety of graphics programs. We DO NOT REPAIR the actual photo. Unfortunately we do not have any way to fix the paper of your original photos. We may be able to clean them to a degree, but we cannot alter the colors, or fix rips and tears in the paper itself.

We scan the original photo in a high resolution scanner, and import the scanned copy into a graphic program, like Photoshop. Then we start doing our magic. Your original will be safely set aside and should not be accessed again until it is returned to you. We do our very best, not to handle the original any more than absolutely necessary. This is especially important, if the photo is fragile. We want you to be able to hold to your keepsake, and also be able to display a copy of it on the wall, or in an online photo album.